Breakfast Wrap

Monday April 27, 2020

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: None

Serves: 1

Difficulty (out of 5):

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Breakfast Wrap



  1. (optional) Put a pan on low heat and warm up your tortilla/wrap
  2. Spread hummus on one side
  3. Place all other ingredients in the wrap
  4. Fold up the bottom and roll the wrap up, being careful not to break the tortilla
  5. Enjoy!



Wrap with boiled egg


Wrap with smoked salmon

Nutrition Discussion

I really love this for breakfast for a few reasons! First, there’s hummus so that automatically makes it a million times better. Second, although there’s not a lot of calories, this wrap always keeps me really filled. HOLD UP I’m not saying that it’s healthy because there are not a lot of calories. Just for me personally as a small human being, I don’t need to consume that many calories to function, so this is a perfect way for me not to overeat. If you are more active or above the height of 5’1-and-three-quarters” you can definitely satiate yourself with this wrap by using a flour, corn, or chickpea tortillas, adding more protein, or pairing it with some oatmeal or fruit!

I think vegetables is always something we can eat more of, and this wrap is a perfect way to incorporate it into your breakfast!

Also, it’s really easy to meal prep this by cutting up the vegetables (except the avocado) beforehand and putting them in jars. Since they’re just veggies they can definitely last all week long, making mornings really easy!