Best of Both Worlds

Thursday October 10, 2019

Something I realized this year and last year when coming to college, I feel like there’s such a divide between my UCLA life and home life. I’m not sure if it’s because the environment is just completely different or because I myself am a different person too.

When I come to UCLA, I tend to lose contact with people from home, even my family, which I know is definitely not right. I want to keep in touch and all, but I tend to get so caught up in the moment with academics and living in the present that it tends to slip my mind.

And then this summer, when I went home, I felt the exact opposite! I was able to reconnect with people from home, but I felt I could’ve been better with keeping in touch with my friends from school. Maybe I just need to live in the moment less and remember to keep the people I love and care about close to me, even if they’re a few hundred miles away.

Can anyone else relate?